Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New World

She's cleaning right now.

I've been banished from the room. I was just in the way.

I never realized that when I moved my fiance into OUR home the first order of business would be to get my stuff OUT OF THE WAY . . . just a bunch of junk anyway (apparently).

And although I never claimed to be a tidy housekeeper (I dusted once or twice a year whether it needed it or not - okay I'm exaggerating, I really only dusted when someone who'd never been to my house before was coming over, not as often as THAT). Still, I've learned that my home was apparently NEVER actually CLEAN before! Hmmm . . .

Changes are a-coming!

I'm certain that the changes are for the better. I'm marrying a wonderful, loving, intelligent, and beautiful woman. But I'm slowly realizing that I'm no longer in charge. And that it's probably for the better.

I enjoy a clean home (even if I don't bother to keep one, left to my own devices). I enjoy eating food OTHER than corn dogs, hot dogs, frozen dinners and PB&J sandwiches (even if I never bother to prepare anything else, left to my own devices). Oh . . . and yes . . . there is the love . . . that . . . I've craved THAT for a long time . . . and now I have the love of a good woman. There is THAT!

Now don't start thinking that I'm a lazy bum who won't participate in any of the improvements around here! I will! I do! I promise! It's just that I'm apparently oblivious to the priorities. I've become "dumb muscle" around our home! I'm just the guy who helps her move extra heavy stuff and gets to pretend to be part of the decision-making process.

I was disappointed to find scratch-marks on our living room wall (from all the boxes and stuff) . . . she just grinned and shrugged her shoulders (silly man, you think they're going to stay THAT color?) I'm wondering if, like in the commercial she loves, she might just change EVERYTHING ELSE and then realize that she needs to change ME! (yikes!)

Marriage is give and take, love is full of compromise, this is not my first rodeo. I'm a lucky man and I know it. I just hope that I can keep her feeling lucky too!

I'm in for some changes. And I look forward to them.