Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Follow-Up: Still Kickin'

At just over a week out of the hospital, I feel good.  My only 'issues' are actually very small.  I remain a little stiff - mainly first thing in the morning - because of the bruising from the procedure (which saved my life, so no complaint there!), it's a slight bother to deal with wearing the oxygen (for another week, and only because it's supposed to help me heal faster), my lungs are weaker than I had realized (I tried to practice and needed to stop after a half hour). On the other hand, I've been walking up and down the street, and I feel fine.

People are suggesting that I should expect at least a month before I'm ready to perform again, and I'm aiming for two weeks! (Though I admit to being rather surprised by that attempt to practice.  . . . My breathing is all good . . . Oxygen level is great . . . Singing is another thing!)

I saw my hematologist today, and she said she will do testing at six months and discuss it then, but it seems that the decision will almost certainly be to keep me on Xarelto for life (at least as can be foreseen), because the risk of going off of it will likely be greater than staying on it. Especially because they can't actually say WHY this happened.  Apparently they usually cannot say why, just sometimes the blood goes haywire and starts coagulating in a bad way.  She even commented today that the huge clot in my leg "could disappear, could get smaller, or could stay the same" (????). The point was that the treatment would remain the same regardless.  (She also said that right now "I'm 100% sure it's still there")

So, I think the bottom line is that, aside from being on blood thinner the rest of my life and having this history, I will have a full recovery - it's just a matter of time.

Thanks again for caring . . .

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