Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stewart's Restaurant and Fountain / the liquor store

It was before my time, yet it's still a source of pride.  The attached photos are of menus I had framed years ago. Get a load of those prices, and the overall style of design.  This now hangs in my studio/office.

"Stewart's Restaurant and Fountain" ('57-'62) right across the street from Loop's (in the log-cabin structure) in Montalvo, California. My grandparents, William "Mitch" Stewart and Thelma Inez Stewart owned it. In '62 they changed it to a liquor store (because that was more profitable). I'm not sure what the official name of it was, because we just called it "the liquor store". They sold it, to retire,  in the seventies. Last time I was in that area it was still Montalvo Liquor.

I don't remember the restaurant, as I was born in '61.  I DID have a chance to talk to an older gentleman who I worked with in the oilfields years ago who was a regular customer of the restaurant.  He told me that they had great food and very friendly service.  (That would be mostly my grandma and her sister Minnie and others?) I wasn't surprised.

I'm wondering if anybody has pictures of the restaurant?  I personally don't have any pictures (although I do have those menus) Anybody else recall the restaurant? I don't think I myself have pictures of the liquor store either.

I DO recall the liquor store . . . In the sixties, we would go there and get some candy. It was 10 cents for a candy bar then, and we would use our allowance or grandpa would 'buy' it for us. Also in the sixties, my dad worked there part-time . . . One night they were robbed at gunpoint . . . My father was held on the ground with a shotgun to the back of his head. Scary stuff!

Very fond memories overall!

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  1. I remember the robbery you mention well. The alarm was set up to ring at our home. Whoever was there had the job to call the police. Antiquated system for sure, but not unusual for the day. I called and then jumped in the car. I beat the police there. I ran inside and your dad was still face down on the floor. I thought he was dead for a moment, then he looked up at me and said "are they gone?"